Welcome Dunmanians

Dunman High School, as its Chinese name suggests, reflects the making of a virtuous person through an equally honorable pathway that is education. The school embodies the best of thoughts in Eastern and Western philosophies to inculcate in students a system of belief that is proper, upright and moral in their pursuit of a formal education.

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What's New?

Aug 16: DHSSB at Mountbatten Loves Singapore Party

On 16 August, the Symphonic Band was invited to perform for the Mountbatten Loves Singapore Party organised by the Mountbatten SMC... read more

Aug 15: DHRP Symposium

The Dunman High Research Programme (DHRP) Symposium was held on 15 August 2014. ... read more

Aug 17: Mother Tongue Fortnight

As part of MOE’s effort in kindling students’ interest in the learning of Mother Tongue Languages (MTL) through novel and exciting ways, as well as to create an immersive environment for the learning of MTL... read more

Aug 08: National Day Celebrations

The theme for this year’s National Day is 'Our People, Our Home'.  ... read more

Aug 02: East Zone ‘C’ Division Basketball Championships

In 2014, the ‘C’ Division Basketball Girls Team emerged Champions in the East Zone ‘C’ Division Basketball Championships... read more

Jul 24: Young Artist’s Harp Award

On 3 July 2014, MEP student Ong Ziyuan of 14Y2B, participated in the Young Artist’s Harp Competition in Georgia, USA... read more

Jul 26: National Translation Competition Awards

我校今年共派出两组代表,参加由《联合早报》与南洋初级学院联合主办的《2014年全国中学现场翻译比赛》... read more

Jul 25: 乐山外语学校 Hosting Programme

On the 25th of July, my class hosted 41 students and 4 teachers from Le Shan Foreign Language School... read more