Welcome Dunmanians

Dunman High School, as its Chinese name suggests, reflects the making of a virtuous person through an equally honorable pathway that is education. The school embodies the best of thoughts in Eastern and Western philosophies to inculcate in students a system of belief that is proper, upright and moral in their pursuit of a formal education.

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What's New?

Sep 04: Teachers’ Day Celebrations

On the 4th of September, we celebrated Teacher’s Day as a school. We kick started the day with a lively concert kindly put up by students from both senior high and junior high... read more

Sep 01: East Zone Music Competition 2014

This year marks the first time Dunman High School Music Elective Programme students are participating in the East Zone Music Competition ... read more

Aug 29: Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration 2014

2014年8月29日晚,我校举办了一年一度的中秋联欢晚会... read more

Aug 28: Know Your Country Awards

On the 28th of August, Library Society represented Dunman High School in the final round of "Know Your Country Competition 2014"... read more

Aug 28: Year 6 MEP Farewell Concert

The Year 6 MEP students held their annual Farewell concert at library@esplanade on 28 August evening... read more

Aug 23: CRASH IV

The Music Elective Programme students came together this year to hold their annual CRASH IV concert... read more

Aug 20: MPP Awards

Throughout the year, three groups of Dunmanians participated in the Moot Parliament Programme (MPP)... read more

Aug 18: 11th JHSC Executive Committee Investiture

18 Aug 2014 marked a new beginning for the Junior High Student Council as the 11th Executive Committee were officially introduced to the student population... read more