Welcome Dunmanians

Dunman High School, as its Chinese name suggests, reflects the making of a virtuous person through an equally honorable pathway that is education. The school embodies the best of thoughts in Eastern and Western philosophies to inculcate in students a system of belief that is proper, upright and moral in their pursuit of a formal education.

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What's New?

Jul 21: 2014年校际双语辩论观摩会

我校在7月份参加了由立化中学与圣尼各拉女校所联合主办的“2014年校际双语辩论观摩会”... read more

Jul 18: Emergency Exercise Rhino

Dunman High School successfully completed a full-scale Emergency Exercise ... read more

Jul 12: DHSSBand Botanic Gardens Performance

On the evening of 12 July 2014, the Senior High and Junior High students of the Dunman High School Symphonic Band put up a successful performance ... read more

Jul 12: Girl Guides Anniversary Campfire

Dunman High Girl Guides Company held our 46th anniversary campfire on 12th July 2014... read more

Jul 11: Softball East Zone Championship

As a sport which demands both skills and mental rigour, the Dunman High Softball team showed both during the East Zone Championships for both the B Division and the C Division ... read more

Jul 11: Sports Carnival 2014

The break of dawn marked the start of the much-anticipated Sports Carnival 2014. ... read more

Jul 10: Frank Cooper Sands Awards

Our Scout and Venture Unit did it again... read more

Jul 09: Senior High Learning Festival

The Senior High Learning Festival (SHLF) held on the 9th and 10th July 2014, received warm response from participants... read more